Monday, August 13, 2012

Quilt Tutorial and Giveaway!!!

Good Morning everyone!  I hope you have had a great weekend.  We had some crazy storms come through last night.   Thankfully, everyone is OK.  

I want to share a tutorial today using a jelly roll and one of my favorite Say It With Words Panels.  This is the second quilt that I have made with the What Cancer Cannot Do Panel.  I love these.  While I was making this one, my Mom called to ask me to pray for a couple of her friends that had just been diagnosed with cancer.  I told her what I was doing and said that maybe she should make one for her friends.  I think these are so inspirational!  Now on to the tutorial...


1--Jelly Roll--I used Salt Air
1.5 yds of Kyoto Batting
1.5 yds of Backing Fabric--I used Salt Air Tiny Bubbles--Mist

Start by cutting your panel.  

Open up your jelly roll and select 12 strips.  I like to lay them out and try different combinations.  This is the final layout I decided on.

Line your first jelly roll strip up with the short edge of the first saying that you want to sew...use a 1/4" seam and sew down the edge.

Repeat for the other side.

Press your seams towards the jelly roll strip.

Trim the strip.

Here is what it should look like.

Next, sew the jelly roll strip to the top and bottom of the saying.  Trim the edges so that it is all even.

You have completed your first block.

Repeat the steps for the remaining 11 saying blocks.

Now, you want to lay out strips to make columns and rows.

Take the first strip that runs vertical and sew your blocks to it.  Leave some space between the blocks as you sew them...
When you have sewn them all... cut the jelly strip apart lining up all your edges.  This will create your first "column" on your block.

Repeat for your 2nd "column".

Repeat again for your 3rd "column".

Again, repeat for your 4th "column".  Can you see it starting to come together now?

Start assembling your rows now.  Line your first jelly roll strip with the top edge of the first row. Sew and press your seam.

Add your 2nd strip between the first and second row

Repeat these steps until you have added all your strips between each row and after the 4th row.  Trim up your edges.

Now, it is time to create the header for the quilt.  Add another jelly strip to the top of your quilt top.  

Take the part of the panel that has the title.  Cut a jelly roll strip in half and sew it to both side of the words.

Sew this strip to the strip that you just added to your quilt top.  Add another strip to the top of the title piece.    Trim all of your edges so they are squared up.

You have now completed the quilt top.  I love showing pictures of the quilt tops with the sun shining through them.  They remind me of stained glass.

Now it is time to make your quilt.  Layer your backing fabric first, then your batting, then your quilt top.  I like to trim my batting an inch to 2 inches bigger than my quilt top...and then my backing fabric a couple of inches bigger than that.  Trust me, there is nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of quilting and realizing your layers have shifted and they don't fit together anymore.
I have a confession...I HATE TO PIN QUILTS!  There, now that it is out there for the whole world to see...hehe...I will share my secret weapon.  Quilt Basting Spray!  This stuff is soo awesome.  Just spray it between layers...smooth them together and have "pinned" your quilt.

I spray my quilt one half at a time.  Always remember to only apply the spray to your batting.  I fold my quilt top and batting back so that I can spray the batting.  Then lay the batting back down on the backing fabric...smooth it...

Spray the top of the batting...then smooth the quilt top down on top of that.  Repeat these steps for the other half of your quilt.

Now, using your quilting foot...quilt your layers together.

When your have finished all of your a zigzag stitch around the outer edge of quilt top.  This will bind all of your layers together and make it 10 times easier to add your binding.  Make a binding using scraps and leftover jelly roll strips.

I will be back tomorrow to show you my completed quilt.

Now...on to the giveaway...we wanted you to have the chance to win one of our 

To Enter:  Check out the different panels we have and tell us which one you would like to win.  You might also let me know what you think of the tutorial.  I love your feedback!!!

I will announce the winner tomorrow morning!!!  
Good Luck to Everyone!


  1. Love this quilt idea! And such a great tutorial...seems very easy! How can I choose from the different Say it w/ Words panels?! I love the Salute to Sons, What quilters Really Think II, and one for Daughters! I hope I win!! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. wow I'm first now.... I want the What Cancer Can Not Do if I win. I want to make a quilt to raffle off at a Cancer Benefit if that would be ok. All proceedes would go to the Cancer group

  3. Well, I love the tutorial! You do not assume everyone has made a quilt before, and are very detailed--thank you! The strips are very neat, and I didn't know they existed until I got my subscriber's email this afternoon! So...I like a lot of the panels, but my very favorite is: Table Grace. I really like what you did with the Cancer Cannot panel too! That would be on my list too, as would the Psalms. Thank you again for sharing your tutorial. :)

  4. First of all, That was a wonderful tutorial. I learned a LOT. Secondly, I too love spray baste. It is a dream come true. Basting is a PAIN in the back. Literally. If I were lucky enough to win I would LOVE to win Comfort of Psalms.

  5. Great tutorial! thanks!
    I like the 'what quilters really think' panel!

  6. I love the teacher's treasures the best. They would work well in some coasters as a present for teachers.

  7. Your tutorial and photos are amazing! Your specifics could help me apply this to other projects as well! Thanks for having a giveaway! I especially love the inspiring prayer shawl, and the fantastic felines! --Sandy Leigh

  8. Wonderful tutorial! I always forget to stop and take the photo's~ you didn't and it is marvelous! Love all the panels. I would choose the cancer one, or one with psalms, but I also love the DD panel and the tribute to soldiers. They would all make such wonderful gift quilts! Thanks for the chance!

  9. Just happened upon your blog and love the quilt and tutorial!!! Your panels are wonderful! Can I only chose one? I want them all. My mind is just spinning. If I have to chose one I suppose it would be the "What Cancer Cannot Do". Know so many that are affected by this and would love to show them how much I care for them with quilts made from your panels. God bless you for your brilliant talent. Cannot wait to make this quilt!!!

  10. I really love the tutorial. I love the friends panel. Very sweet. I get so many great ideas here! Thank you.

  11. I think the tutorial is very well done with excellent photos to help the visual learner.

    I would choose the Doggie Diaries panel! I have plans to make a dog-themed quilt to give to my vet so that it can be raffled off as a fundraiser to support the animal shelter that she runs (Second Chance Rescue in Bellbrook, OH). This panel would be a great addition to the quilt!

    Thank you for taking the time to put the tutorial together and for sharing it. And for holding the contest. :-)

  12. The FAITH, HOPE & LOVE panel. My Mother made a banner of this verse to hang in the chapel for our wedding. It would be beautiful to incorporate the verse into something I could make for our home.

  13. The Quilter's Sayings III is my choice.

    Excellent photos with clear explanation of each step. I am a visual person so the more I see the more I understand. Thank you for putting this together especially with Salt Air one of my favourite Moda designs - the words are especially poignant.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  14. I think that quilt is totally awesome. And what a comforting quilt it would be for someone who is dealing with cancer.

  15. I found the tutorial really simple and easy to follow. I really learnt a few things about how to add the sashings that is an easier way of doing it than the way I do. I would love the Grandparent panel because I have just celebrated the birth of 2 grandchildren after many years of waiting. Thanks Sharyn

  16. Thanks for the tutorial!! I like the Faith, Hope & Love as well as What Cancer Cannot Do and Grandparent.

  17. I like all of them , beautiful quilt. What Cancer Cannot Do says so much. Thank you for such detailed instructions.

  18. Kristin, I've not seen these before, but it is such a great idea!!! I also love the Salt Air fabric (one of my all time favorites). Thanks for the tutorial.

  19. LOVE LOVE LOVE this quilt! What a wonderful idea! I also like the Comfort of Psalms panel :)

  20. I love this quilt thank you. My mom was just diagnosed with cancer and I would like to make it. How big is this quilt when it is finished, and is there an easy way to print the instructions?


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