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Super Cute Burp Rag Tutorial

I am always looking for a cute gift ideas to make for babies.  The thing I love most about this one is that whether it is the first baby or the fifth, Burp Rags are ALWAYS needed :)  This is my first attempt at a tutorial, so please let me know what you think.

  • Cloth Diapers - I bought mine at Walmart, but they can be found at Target, Babies R Us, and others.
  • Fabric - I used fat quarters, but this can be done with large scraps you have lying around
  • Tape Measure
  • Ruler
  • Rotary Mat
  • Rotary Blade
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine
  •  Iron your diaper so that it is nice and flat.
  • You will need to measure the length and width of the inner padded area of the diaper.
  • Take your measurements and add 1".  
  • Cut your piece of fabric to your measurements.  My diaper measured 5" x 19-1/2" so I cut my fabric 6" x 21-1/2".  TIP: Don't assume all diapers are created equal.  My experience has shown that they can be off by at least 1/2" from each other.
  • Press a 1/2" seam all around the edges of your fabric.  I like to turn the corners in to make prettier edges.

  • Pin the fabric onto the diaper as shown in the picture.

  • Now comes the time for sewing!  Choose any stitch that you would like - I prefer to use my zig zag stitch.  You will want to stitch as close to the edge of the fabric as possible.  TIP:  I like to use white thread in my bobbin so it doesn't show on the under side of the diaper.
  • Once you stitch around all 3 sides, you are done!!!  Repeat as many times as your heart desires :)
Stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial on a coordinating Diaper Pouch - a must-have for the on-the-go Mom.  It carries a few diapers and wipes in a cute little case.

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Texas, bluebonnets, and a little girl

There is a tradition in Texas that involves children and bluebonnets.  You just have to have pics of the kids in the flowers.  I didn't get this until I had my little one.  Now, I love this tradition.  I go with my parents and we pose and fuss over my baby and just enjoy being together.  I wanted to share some pictures from this year's trip.

My unofficial hobby is photography.  Especially when my Dad gets a new camera and lets me play with it :o).  I really like to take very close up pics.  Here are some I would like to share:

Call me biased...but this is my absolute favorite shot of the day:

I hope you have all gotten to go out and enjoy the beautiful bounty of wild flowers that we have been blessed with this year!  Have a GREAT day.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Custom Shams

Good Morning! 

A few weeks ago Karen called me and said it was time for me to make pillow shams again.  I thought, Ok, no problem, I can whip out shams pretty quick.  I asked her what colors she needed.  She explained that this was going to be a custom order.  Instantly, my panic button when off.  I had never done a special request on shams before.  But as usual I jumped in with both feet and went to work. 

A customer had purchased a quilt awhile back and had not bought shams to go with it.  She wanted to "complete" her bed by now purchasing shams to match.  The problem...we no longer carry that item.  So, Karen, being the awesome customer service person that she is, said "no problem we can make something for you. "

She came to me with a tablecloth and fabric...and said do your magic and create...hehe.  Thanks Karen, easier said than done :o).  Anyway, I just wanted to show some pics of how I went through the process:

The beginnings...attaching fabrics and coming up with a basic design,

A close up of the quilting.

A finished sham! Woohoo.

So with 3 of these shams done, Karen shipped them off to our customer.  It took awhile and we had not heard anything from her.  I was so worried that she didn't like them at all (because I think that  Yesterday, I started getting several texts from Karen.  She had heard from our customer.  Well, not only had she heard from her...she had sent a letter and pictures of everything together.  I was thrilled!  I wanted to share a couple of the pics with you:

All 3 shams on the a super cute puppy!

This is the super sweet letter that Linda sent.

I want to say to Linda, thank you so much for your letter.  You have no idea how much it meant to me.  I really do enjoy getting feedback on my work.  I hope you really do enjoy your shams.

If you are interested at all in anything custom please contact Karen and we will do whatever we can to make your new special treasure.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

And I'm the winner :)

Usually I'm announcing a winner from one of our giveaways or drawings from a show.  But not this one - now I get to announce that I have won something!  Once again, my "wasted" time on the Internet has paid off.  I stumbled upon Janelle's awesome blog via Pinterest.  I thought I would take a chance and enter her giveaway for an awesome bag.  And low and behold, I actually WON!!!
Go and check out her website at  She has great ePattern downloads, pre-finished bags, and even great FREE tutorials.  Tell her I sent you :)

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