Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happy Birthday to my Dad!

My dad recently celebrated his birthday with us.  It was a great day with family and we were blessed with AH-MAZINGLY beautiful weather.  We all enjoyed so time outside, just playing and spending time together.  My wonderful hubby fired up the grill and we made our favorite burgers.

Our "Bacon-Cheddar Burgers" Receipe - It really isn't a recipe, but here you go:
Who doesn't like a bacon cheddar burger?  Well, we have put a little spin on the traditional one.  Just cook up your bacon - we like our bacon just a little crisp, but not too hard.  Once the bacon is cooked, just chop it up into small pieces.  Then take your cheddar cheese (or your favorite cheese) and shred it up - fresh shredded cheese tastes so much better than the pre-shredded kind.  Now, just take all your ingredients and mix them together (my hubby also likes to add a little brown sugar, along with pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder).  Just patty them up and throw them on the grill!  Let me know your favorite spin on a traditional burger!
And, what's a birthday celebration without cake?  My dad requested a sugar-free blueberry cheesecake :) (Isn't the tablecloth adorable?  Get all your birthday decorations here!)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tutorial Thursday - Table Grace Coasters

A few weeks ago, I posted a tutorial for the Table Grace Table Runner.  Here is the follow-up that I promised. 

I used the 6 small remaining squares from the Table Grace "Say it With Words" panel.  Each square measures approximately 3.5".  You will just cut (2) pieces from your jelly roll (or scraps) 3.5" long.  Sew the strips to the top and bottom of the square.  Press seams.  Measure overall height of block.  Mine measured approximately 5.75".  Cut (2) 5.75" strips from your jelly roll (or scraps) 5.75" long.  Sew the strips to the sides of the block.  Press seams.  I then took the finished block and trim it to 5.5" square.
Now, cut (6) square of fusible fleece and (6) squares of backing fabric to match the size of your complete blocks.  Iron the fusible fleece to the completed block.  Then take the front and back of the blocks and put them together, right sides facing each other.  Stitch all the way around, except for about 1.5" section.  Trim your corners for easier turning.  Now, turn the entire piece right side out through the small section you left open.  I like to us my Pointer Turner by Lee for precise corners.  Press smooth.  Top stitch all the way around, making sure that the stitch closes the space you left open.  And, you are done!  Just repeat for the remaining squares.

Hope you enjoy!!!

Happy Sewing,

Monday, March 24, 2014

Our First Video tutorial & a Giveaway!

Have you been to one of our shows lately?  If so, you have been witness to Karen demonstrating our FAVORITE quilt product, Quilter's Grid.

Well, we decided to share this fun, educational experience with the entire world.  We are starting a series of video tutorials that will help in your learning and knowledge of quilting and sewing.
Also, to get you started on the path to faster quilting, we are giving away 1 yard of grid, the Le Bouquet Charm Pack (featured on video), and the Prayer Shawl panel from our "Say it With Words" line of fabric panels.  All you have to do is comment below your favorite quilting notion.  You can get additional entries into the drawing by:
Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

And we have hit 10,000!!!

This past weekend, the Home a la mode ladies were at the Dallas Quilt Celebration at Market Hall.  We had a great time and got to meet some amazing new friends, along with visiting with some old friends.
Our "Say it With Words" samples and Quilter's Grid were a big hit and we are busy getting the shipments ready to send out!

And as you may know, we were VERY close to getting our 10,000th order before arriving at the show!  Well, on Sunday afternoon, it happened!!!  And to make it more special, the woman who won is one of the amazing therapists that help with Karen's mom at the nursing home.
We look forward to the next 10,000 orders and meeting more friends along the way!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Friends Indeed

Just recently, some very dear friends of me and my family were transferred to Washington DC.  Although we know this is where they need to be, it was heart-breaking for me and especially for my youngest daughter.  My kiddos are at that stage of life where friends move away, and they don't really understand why :(
To commemorate our wonderful friendship, I wanted to send them off with something special.  What is more special than a quilt made from the heart.  So of course, I turned to our "Say it With Words" panels for inspiration.  The "Friends Indeed" panel really spoke to me - especially the one that says "True Friends are never far apart... maybe in distance, but not in heart."  I know we will see them again (we've already planned our summer vacation) and they feel in their hearts that their time in Texas hasn't ended.  We can only hope and pray that jobs and situations bring them back to us.
Just remember, the road to a friend's house is never long - or so I hope on our LONG drive this summer with 2 kiddos ;-)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Where have you been?

Do you like to travel around our beautiful 50 states?  What type of souvenirs to you gravitate towards?  Well, our collection of State Tablecloths and Towels are a wonderful way to remember where you've been, where you want to go, or just where your friends and family are.  They also make great gifts for those that have moved away.  Keep the memories of where life has taken you :)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Table Runner Tutorial

Our "Say It With Words" panels are great for quilts - but here is another fabulous way to sew up some inspiration.  This table runner can be used on special occasions or even everyday.

*Use a 1/4" seam allowance, unless otherwise noted
  1.  Layout your Jelly Roll Strips and design your pattern.  Here is how I do my designing, with grid paper and colored pencils. 
  2. Iron panel to remove all creases. 
  3. Cut out the 6 large squares from the Say It With Words Panel, using the tick marks on the panel.  Each square should measure 6-1/2" squares.
  4. Cut (2) 6-1/2" strips from your desired fabric for each block.
  5. Sew the Jelly Roll strips to the top and bottom of word block.  Repeat for all 6 blocks.
  6. Press all seams away from word block. 
  7. Measure your blocks to determine the overall size for the sides - mine measured 10-3/4". 
  8. Cut the Jelly Roll strips to that measurement and sew to the sides of each block, creating a frame around the words.  Repeat for all 6 blocks. 
  9. Cut the coordinating vertical Jelly Roll strips and sew.

  10. Measure the top & bottom of the completed block and cut to fit.  Repeat for all strips.  Sew to the bottom of the first block.  Join the remaining blocks in the same way.
  11. Measure the overall size of the runner and cut fusible fleece to fit.  Iron on.
  12. Cut backing fabric to desired size.  Layout and attach top with basting spray (If you have never heard or used basting spray, I highly suggest you try it.  You will NEVER pin a quilt or project together again)
  13. Quilt as desired.
  14. Trim and attach binding as desired - I used the leftover scraps of the jelly roll strips to make the binding.  I found this tutorial on Pinterest and it helped me. (Just note, I only machine stitch the first side of the binding - I always hand stitch the backside complete)
  15. Hand-stitch the binding and you are done!!!
If you liked this project, stay tuned for the tutorial using the small word squares to create matching coasters.

I'm new to writing tutorials, so any constructive criticism or complements are greatly appreciated.

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