Friday, August 24, 2012

I want to slow down a little...

WOW!  Is it really Friday already?  I really think this week went from Monday to Friday in 2 days.  My little one and I just got back from taking son #1 to school.  I still can't believe school has already started.  Time seriously needs to slow down.  Our kiddos are growing up so fast.  

I have been thinking about time a lot lately.  We are all rushing around like madmen and not really enjoying our families.  I have decided that I am going to host a "party" for my family once a month.  Nothing big, just a chance for us all to sit down...turn of the TV...put down the electronic games...put the cell phones on silent.  Just plain enjoy being a family and sit and talk to each other.  

The tablecloths that we have at Home a la mode have given me the idea to make each party a theme.  Here is what I was thinking...

Son #1 and I love to cook together.  I think we are going to use this cutie...make up menus...take reservations...make it like a real restaurant. 

We live by the lake.  Daughter #2 is going to be coming home from college for the first time around the middle of the month.  I want to make this a carefree "party".  Maybe some finger foods.  Grilled hot dogs and hamburgers.  Just a laid back time at the lake and listen to all of her stories.

HALLOWEEN!!!!  Enough said.

We have a family tradition that we rotate houses for Thanksgiving.  This year we are hosting.  I think this is going to be the one that I use.

I love the traditional colors of  Christmas.  I think i am going to do a "party" that is all Red, White, and Green.  Make desserts to match...maybe some breads...eggnog...YUMMY!

Well these are just a few thoughts that I had.  What do you think?  I would love to hear what ideas you have.  Head over and check out all of the tablecloths and tell me what you would like to do and with which one.  We have 55 different ones.  Which are your favorites?

I hope you all have a GREAT Friday, and a FANTASTIC weekend!

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