Thursday, August 30, 2012

This is KRISTIN...
She is awesome!!! A very creative person.  I think she inherited some of this from a wonderful set of parents.  (They owned their own businesses and were very creative and strong people.)  She is a go getter and never says "never".  She attempts a project and works until she is satisfied with the results, or starts over and makes it even better.   It's hard to find a person with such integrity to step into a business and put so much of herself into it.  We all look forward to the text messages, emails and blogs from her on a weekly basis.  She always seem to amaze us.   She makes me smile just seeing her number come up on caller ID and inspires me to always be the best, 
no matter what!!! 
  One year ago, (actually August 17th, was her anniversary)
she came to Home a la mode and began sewing for us... 
Great things began to happen.  Her personality and talents are so contagious that it makes us look forward to every creation she does.  She designs new patterns for Home a la mode every week.   She does our blog 99% of the time and tutorials that inspire the world... Yes... the world... we get international followers that comment on a regular basis.  She makes our wonderful samples for shows, makes our custom orders for our customers and the list just doesn't end.
Kristin is a hard worker and sets goals that make us all want to reach higher.  She and her husband live in Oklahoma and make time for children in college, high school, pre-school and beyond.  Yes, even jobs...  Kristin takes everything to heart by making it "her goal" to make everything better.  By being part of the solution, she rides out every detail until completed.  
We are so proud to wish Kristin a "Happy Anniversary" with Home a la mode and look forward to many years to come.  Check out our "Kristin Line" and coming soon our "Kristin Kare Line".   She even created her own discount code for our customers that follow our blog... So you can get a discount anytime by using her code.... KRISTIN5 on our website.  
Let's all give Kristin a great big THANK YOU for her 
creativity and time... WE LOVE YOU KRISTIN!!!
Can't imagine being without you!  
Love from your co-workers...


  1. Congratulations, Kristin on your one year!!! :)

  2. Great bio and so true. One talented, creative lady. Love the picture. I have always been more than pleased with the items I have ordered from her. Keep bringing on the inspiration.

    1. Thank you! BTW, your cookies are all you!


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