Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our winner and and seeing signs

Our Winner of the Suzy Toronto contest is...
Congratulations, Mommarock!  Contact Karen at and give her your address and she will get your water bottle out to you!

I head over to Home a la mode headquarters about once a month.  Each time I go, it seems that there is always something new there.  The other day I was plundering through all of the wonderful items we carry and came across something very interesting.  We have started carrying tin signs...
I have always loved the retro look of tin signs.  If I had a barn, I would be one of those people who has signs  hung up all over the side of it.  

I really like these.  Like I said in this post, my husband is in the automotive field.  I showed him these, he immediately told me to order a set.

Now these next ones are my absolute favorite...
I would love to have a set of these in every room in my house.  I have to laugh when I see these.  I think though, my family wouldn't find them as funny as I do. 

Well, now that I have shown you the signs, it is time to sew.  I have to college girls upstairs asleep in my office.  The question I go wake them up so I can work or do I let those little angels sleep? is soooo tempting to go wake them.  What would you do?

I have some questions.  How many of your are getting ready to go to Houston for Quilt Festival.  What are you doing to prepare?  Are you going to look around or are you setting up a booth?  This is my first time to get to go and I am super excited.  What is your favorite part about Festival?  Ok, enough questions

I hope you all have a stupendous weekend.  What are you planning to do?  I would love to hear from you.

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