Monday, October 15, 2012

I just want a cup of coffee!!!

Morning...that is all I have.  No bright and cheerfulness today.  You see, I start my mornings by getting up...saying good morning to my little one...heading into the kitchen...getting the coffee pot going...and getting my little one her cup of milk.  This morning as I was getting the milk, I was noticing something was different.  I didn't hear the cheerful perk of our coffee maker.  I stopped in my tracks. What could it be???  Ran to it...the green light was on...but that was it.  I messed and fussed with it...still nothing.  I went and punched my husband awake.  How could he be asleep when I was having such a crisis?  He messed and fussed with it...and yet, still nothing.  We even pulled out our camping gear looking for our campfire coffee pot...but someone, me, decided to throw it away after our last outing.  I hope I am not the only one who finds this a crisis.  

Well with all that being I sit here drinking my glass of ice water and a tear in my eye I want to tell you about what we have going on at Home a la mode.  
We are having 10% off of all our fabrics...I think I need to talk to Karen about us carrying coffee pots.
When I say all...I mean all like our Precuts
Any one of these would be super cute made into mug rugs for a piping hot cup of coffee.

Awww...I think these would be cute made into sets of coasters.  They would be really sweet to give to your friends who drink coffee every morning.  Without fail...unless of course,  their coffee maker breaks.

Even our 45" fabric
I think it is sweet that you are thinking about getting some of this fabric and making some super cute coffee cozys to keep your wonderful cup of coffee warm.

All of our Specialty Fabrics...
Stop what you are doing...You definitely need to get some of this yardage and make some coffee towels just in case...heaven might spill a little of it.

And finally all of our 54" Fabric
I are thinking that you need some of this fabric to make a super cute table cloth to look at while you are enjoying your coffee.  I get it...I really do.  Who wants to drink their coffee sitting at an ugly table?

**REMEMBER...use my DISCOUNT CODE and you can get another 5% off of your purchase.  Your purchase of beautiful fabrics that you are going to make great things to go along with your morning coffee.

Well, with all that being said.  Have a great day!  Oh yeah...I hope your enjoy your coffee! And by the way... we have lots of coffee items that are not made of fabric. :)

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