Monday, September 24, 2012

Laundry Room Face Lift

Good Morning everyone!  I have had my laundry room on my mind lately.  It is ugly.  I hate going in there.  I think it needs a face lift.  I do have a window that has several plants in it.  That is the only pretty thing in there.  It is a rather large room for it being a laundry room.  I headed over to Home a la mode and started looking at all the things that we have to pretty it up. I actually never noticed how many super cute things we have that would work in there until I started looking.  I wanted you to see some of the things I am considering for the "face lift"...
I love this.  Not only could you put your laundry in could use it to organize shoes, put your cleaning supplies in it so they are handy, you could use it even as a decorative item.
If you do want to use the Laundry Basket for your laundry, you really need one of these liners.  I hand make these to fit perfectly in the basket.  I think I will make one out of Salt Air Summer Border Fabric.  It would add a really cute splash of color.
I have started making my own cleaning items like, fabric softener sheets, cleaning rags, different cleaners.  I would love to have them organized in a central spot in these baskets.  I would also be able to carry them around the house easily.  I really like that.

I know these aren't really laundry room perfect...but they are perfect for mine.  My hubs takes his work clothes off in the laundry room.  He works in the automotive field.  I think these would be cute hanging in there and also a way of acknowledging all of his hard work.
No laundry room would be complete without this!

These are just a few things that I am considering.  Karen is scheduled to come over to my house today...I am thinking that she might have to add some more things to the list of things that I need from her.  Well, I am off to make a phone call to Karen.  I want you all to have a GREAT day today!  Tell me what you think of my ideas for my laundry room.  What would you like to use in your's?

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