Monday, October 8, 2012

Sitting by the fire

Hey Everyone, how was your weekend?  Our burn ban was lifted last week so we decided to start a fire in the fire pit.  It pretty much went all weekend.  We love this time of year.  Being able to sit around the fire as a family.  I especially love the fact that we aren't sitting in front of the TV.  Isn't this beautiful?...
A fire like this deserves some marshmallows, popcorn and hot chocolate.  This made me start thinking of some of the new items we are carrying at Home a la mode
I think this bowl is screaming to be filled and taken outside in front of the fire.
These bowls would be great to carry some great snacks outside to enjoy fireside.
Since we have a fire going in the pit pretty much all fall, I think it would be fun to hide some S'more making supplies in these canisters and have them sitting on the counter top ready to go at anytime. 

We have gotten in a whole new batch of Enamelware items.  You should go check them out.  No, really you should.  Come on, you know you want too...just click the link above.  I know you will like all of the fun items we have.  

I hope you all have a BLESSED day today!

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