Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Simple Coaster Tutorial

 Hey there...I wanted to show you an easy tutorial that would make a great gift out of a charm pack.  

Patchwork Coasters without all the work.
 I started with a Deep in the Heart of Texas charm pack.  I was checking to see if we still had looks like we don't but you could easily use a Deep in the Heart of Texas Fat Quarter Bundle or any of our other charm packs or precuts.  Just make sure you cut your fabrics to 5" x 5" squares.
 You will also need fusible fleece.  

 Separate your charms into 4 stacks of 5 pieces.   

 Cut a 5" x 5" square of fusible fleece for each stack.

 Iron your fleece to the wrong side of the fabric piece that you want as the bottom of the coaster.

 Take the other 4 pieces, fold them in half and press.

 Now you want to start "stacking your 4 folded pieces onto the back piece.  You want to lay the pieces down so that half of each strip is showing.  I took several pictures to demonstrate this step, above.

 Repeat the stacking for each stack of 5.

 Sew your pieces together using a 1/4" seam allowance.  Then cut the corners at an angle.

 Now you want to turn your coaster right side out.  Open the center and pull the back through the hole created by the 4 folded pieces.

 Keep pulling the piece through.

 This is what it will look like.

 You want to work your corners out so they are more square.  See that really pretty Classic Crystal Point Turner?  I absolutely adore this tool.  I always used scissors or a pencil and always wound up poking out my corners.  I would recommend that everyone needs one of these.

 Get your corners squared as much as possible and press your coaster.  You are now DONE!  Wasn't that easy?

 Repeat for the other 3 stacks.  

 I had enough of the charm pack left to go ahead and make 8 coasters.  I have a certain someone in mind who I think will love this coaster set.

Here is the back of the coasters.  Just as cute as the front.

Enjoy the tutorial and I hope you are all having a fantastic day!


  1. thanks for sharing a great tutorial! this looks like a great idea for christmas gifts!

  2. Such cute little coasters :) Adorable!!


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