Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thanks for our NEW LOOK!

After 5 years of the same look... We went to our designers and they came up with this logo and design.  I just wanted to THANK THEM for their hard work.  Thank you!!!!!
It is truly a work of art!    I love it!!!!  Just wanted to let everyone know we are working on our new catalog and it takes a lot of time and looking into the future for how long products will be available.  Lots of hours of work. So... soon... the meeting of the minds will gather the "right stuff" to make our 2nd and newest catalog and when it is done, printed and ready to go... we will notify you by email, blog and main page of our website...  
Again... this is merely a THANK YOU to all the girls who work so hard on our website, bookkeeping, making products for you...  Working in the shipping dept, booths and customer service for you.  Long days and long nights...   But you are worth it!  :)  We appreciate our husbands that support us. 
Most Sincerely, Karen

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