Monday, September 10, 2012

It's all about the "General"

Good Monday Morning!  How has everyone been?  We have been crazy around here.  People visiting...  Getting ready for all of the Fall Markets... I spent the weekend sewing on potato baker bags, 50 of those to be exact... You'll have to check them out.  You can bake potatoes in the microwave in just minutes that are soft and fluffy... Ummm ummm...  Also corn, tortillas and other things.  (They take a special warm tator batting that works in the microwave.)  Jill is getting ready to put them on the web this week.  You can get them finished ready to use... or we also made lots of kits... You can do them yourself... Different fabrics for everyone.  "Potato Bakers"...

Speaking of sewing, our fearless leader, Karen came over on Friday and helped me move into my new "home".  I have taken over Daughter #2's bedroom as my "Sewing Studio".  You don't think she will mind do you?  She is gone to college.  She is enjoying being an "adult" for the first time.  She is coming home for the first time this coming weekend.  I woke up this morning with a text on my phone from her requesting a certain meal for our Sunday lunch...and it ended by saying...oh, can you make enough so I can take some back to college with me...hehe...gotta love kids.

The real reason I am supposed to be blogging today is to talk to you about our French General Line.  We have gotten in a Limited quantity of some of your favorite items....

We have many, many more French General items at Home a la mode.  Maybe even a couple of cuties you haven't seen before.  Head over and check them all out.  We will not be able to keep them in stock for very long.  I absolutely adore this whole line of items.  

Don't forget...use my Discount Code...KRISTIN5 when you check out and get an additional 5% off of your purchase when you check out.

I am off to take the little one to see Grandparents today.  I hope you all have a wonderful Monday.

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