Friday, September 14, 2012

It's Monkey Time!

Well, it is Friday...and we are being invaded by our first cold front of the season. Let me tell you, waking up to 50 degree weather compared to last week's 100 degrees is VERY nice.  This is the perfect weather to cuddle up with the cutie above.  

We are putting all of our Sock Monkeys and Friends on sale for 15% off.  These guys are sooooo cute.  Every time we head over to Karen's office, my daughter can't resist getting her hands on these.  I wanted to show you a few of the ones we have...
I think Rocky is my favorite.  He reminds me of how I wind up looking during holiday time.  All plump and full...hehe.  Head over to Home a la mode and check out our entire line of Sock monkeys and Friends.  You need to hurry...I have heard from a very reliable source, that once these guys find new homes, that we won't be getting anymore in.  I actually think that we are going to have a whole new set of friends coming to stay with us.

****Remember, if you use my DISCOUNT CODE you can get an additional 5% off your purchase when you checkout.  That means you can get them for 20% off.  What a great price to stock up on Christmas presents!

I am off to sew now.  My little one is sitting at her desk in our new "office" right now playing with her play doh.  It is funny, now, when she wakes up in the mornings she asks me to hurry and get her dressed so we can go upstairs and work together...I think that is the cutest thing ever!  

Have a fantastic day today!

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