Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to Turn Kitchen Towels into Curtains

We had a lovely customer write us the other day and asked if we could make her a valance using our Retro Stamped Towels.  Karen came up with this super cute, super simple way to make them...

We started with the Stamped Towel Pack...
And a package of Medium Rick Rack--Delft

Trim the towel to the length you need.  She wanted hers to be finished 12" with a 2" pocket to slide a curtain rod in.  We trimmed the towel to 15" to allow for a hem and room on the top to add a seam.

Next, we took a heavy twine and ran it up each of the long sides of the towels.  Karen said that she wanted to give our customer another option on how to hang her curtains.  I have a pic at the end of the tutorial to show you what it does. Secure knots on either end of the twine.

On the top edge...fold down the end half an inch and press. Then fold the towel down until you reach the desired length...again, we made ours 12" long.  Stitch your folded edge down.  You should not have any unfinished edges now.

On the very top of the towel mark a line about a quarter inch below the edge.  This will create a pocket for the curtain rod to fit into.

Sew on rick rack.  I just followed the 2 lines of stitching and attached them right on top of those rows.

You are finished.  Pull the strings on the sides of the towels and it gives you a completely different look.  Almost a balloon valance look.
Literally...this is one of the easiest things ever.  If i had not had a little one running around asking me to sing Jake and Never Land Pirates...and check her nose for boogies...I seriously could have finished this project in 30 mins.  With the added "Mommy" took me about an hour and a half.

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