Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sometimes you just mess up!

Well, you know when you have a really great idea, and then half way through it, things go south?  I am going to show you one of those ideas.  I wanted to start showing you some of the recipes that I make for my family.  The first one is how to make simple calzones.  
 I started by gathering all my supplies and taking pictures.  
After I had followed the directions on the hot roll mix box and let the dough rest....I was ready to section it and put it in the oven to is where the problem came in...
See how those balls don't really look like balls?  How they just look mushed together with no conformity...After taking this pic I noticed this.  I knew the dough didn't really "feel" right but wasn't sure what had happened.  I looked back up at my supplies and saw that I had not added the egg and butter to the dough...UUUGGGHHH!  I freaked!  I had to feed my family...and I had completely messed up the dough...So, in my panic I pulled out a can of pizza dough (BTW...yuck!) and finished the calzones.  I was too embarrassed that I had messed up to take pictures of it.  So, long story short, first recipe post = failure!  I will try again next week.
I did want to show you these cute Kitchen Dishcloths.  I like how lightweight they are.  I also like how bright and cheery they me, after my cooking disaster, I needed bright and cheery.  I hope this made you smile and maybe make you see that everything isn't perfect in the blog world.


  1. I love your dishcloths! They would go perfectly in my kitchen! :o) And sorry about your kitchen mishap. That can be so frustrating!

    1. need to get some...remember to use my discount code too when you order!!!

  2. Your recipe made me smile knowing that I'm not the only one who messes up.
    cute dish towels


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