Friday, June 22, 2012

Want a prettier Kitchen?

I am the WORST when it comes to buying new pretties for my kitchen.  I would show you a picture of some of my "retro" aka really old towels, but honestly I am too embarrassed.  Time to fix that, and what a great time to do it.  We are featuring some of our adorable kitchen items this weekend...
Dairy Fresh Milk Canisters in Black or Red.  

Now, you have to do something for me.  Head over to Angela Yosten's Blog. She is an amazing person.  She is constantly coming up with new patterns and designs.  

Here is her tutorial on how to make this really cute set.  

Head over to Home a la mode and check out our other super cute Family Recipe Items.  Speaking of family recipes, I wanted to show you a pic of some wonderful pretzels my little one and I made the other day.

They were sooooo yummy!  If you are interested, let me know and I will add the recipe later and how to make them.  Everyone, have a FANTASTIC day today.  I am off to sew a very special project...hint hint...I am super excited about this.

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