Friday, June 8, 2012

French General

Hey everyone! We have a GREAT sale going on from Thursday until Sunday. We are featuring our French General products for the next few days.  Have you seen these SUPER cute items?  You haven't?  Well just sit back take a little sip of your morning beverage and check these out!!!

This is soooo cute.  I love everything about this bag.  Yep, I hope my sister isn't reading this...I think she is going to be getting one for her knitting projects

These little babies are 10" x 4"...HOLY COW...I don't know about you but my pin cushion always has pins falling out of it because it is way too small to hold all my pins...Yes sir, this one is going in my cart!

Raise your hand if you have a Coke glass that you bought at the dollar store that holds your scissors and rotary cutters...ME ME ME.  This is really really really cute!  I think I am seriously going to ask the hubs to give me some money for supplies that I JUST HAVE TO HAVE!

These are just a few of the French General Items we have. Head over to and check out all the other GREAT items that we have. Before you check out use my DISCOUNT CODE to get a little extra off your purchase.

****If you don't see me for a couple of days, it is because the hubs has figured out that I just spent my whole paycheck on French General "sewing supplies" and has grounded me.

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