Wednesday, June 27, 2012

4th of July is around the corner! TUTORIAL

How is your summer going?  Our's seems to be getting busier and busier.  I had a little time this morning to whip up these little cuties and I wanted to show you how to make them.
We now have Baker's Twine in the shop.  I love this stuff. There are so many things you can do with it.  These beautiful spools have been staring at me for about a week begging me to get my hands on them.  I couldn't resist making my little one these cute flip flops and headband to wear on the 4th.

Let's get started!

Red Baker's Twine
Flip Flops--I bought these at Walmart for $3.00
Headband--this one came in a pack of 6 for $2.85
E6000 glue
Various beads--I don't have mine pictured because I decided to change my design about halfway through.
To begin with, unroll a large amount from your spool.  Then roll it back up and bind with a rubberband.  Trust me, it will eliminate a lot of frustration in the long run.  You can just pull the end out a little at a time.
Place a large dot of glue at the base of the flip flop.  You might let it set up a minute so it holds while you are wrapping.
Now wrap, wrap, wrap.  Apply E6000 on both sides of the part you are wrapping. One thing i noticed...the twine will unwind as you are wrapping.  I started twisting it a little tighter right before I wrapped it.  This seemed to help.
Here it is finished.  When you come to the end...apply a large dot of the E600 to secure the end of your twine.
 Repeat the process for the other flip flop and the headband.
Now...apply a large dot of glue and start to apply your beads.  I just sprinkled mine on and let them fall where they wanted to...the glue stays wet long enough that you can kind of play with it and get the desired effect you want.  Also, I thought one layer of beads wasn't enough so I let the first layer dry, then added another dot of glue and applied more beads.
For the headband, I applied a large dot of glue then dipped it in the beads.  Again, you can move the glue around to get the look you want.
The glue dries rather quickly and I love the results!
I hope you all have a wonderful 4th!


  1. VERY CUTE! Love the use of the twine. :)

  2. Love this!! It is so cute with the twine :)

    1. Thank you is super easy to do!

  3. Fun idea with the twine! I especially love the headband!

  4. Thank you Kaysi...she wore them today...She said she was as pretty as the Tooth love how kids' minds work!


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