Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Friends Indeed

Just recently, some very dear friends of me and my family were transferred to Washington DC.  Although we know this is where they need to be, it was heart-breaking for me and especially for my youngest daughter.  My kiddos are at that stage of life where friends move away, and they don't really understand why :(
To commemorate our wonderful friendship, I wanted to send them off with something special.  What is more special than a quilt made from the heart.  So of course, I turned to our "Say it With Words" panels for inspiration.  The "Friends Indeed" panel really spoke to me - especially the one that says "True Friends are never far apart... maybe in distance, but not in heart."  I know we will see them again (we've already planned our summer vacation) and they feel in their hearts that their time in Texas hasn't ended.  We can only hope and pray that jobs and situations bring them back to us.
Just remember, the road to a friend's house is never long - or so I hope on our LONG drive this summer with 2 kiddos ;-)

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