Monday, January 30, 2012

Our little "workers"

Just had to share this picture.  This is Claire and Emma (the one smiling at the camera is Emma)... WE are cleaning the Home a la mode trailer for a show.  We got our new trailer last year to take Home a la mode on the road to do shows to get our presence out there, as well as on the web...   Claire and Emma are granddaughters of ours and future Home a la mode staff.  :)    We are training them up the right way... Elbow grease and hard work, as you can see.  We have a lot of fun doing shows with the girls... We even take my brother from Nebraska once a year to Houston International Quilt Festival.  We have family and friends working to make Home a la mode a great place to shop... ONLINE or at one of the many shows we attend.  Check out our calendar for 2012.

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