Saturday, June 12, 2010

"It's ALL about KATE" (Spain)

In April, I was honored to have our oldest daughter, Angela Yosten, accompany me to Quilt Market to buy and just wander around together. The Quilt Market was in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There, I met many designers, as well as lots of bloggers! I attended my first Blog Party! Met some great bloggers and new friends! It was not anything I expected, and I got so much out of it... Here I am with our business now in a blog!

At Market,

I was graced and awed by the meeting and friendship that I got by meeting KATE SPAIN! Kate was sweet, warm and the kindest woman I have met in a long time! She visited with us and warmed my heart and struck new ideas in me to include her and ALL her kitchen and accessories on our website! So, now... we have ALL of Kate’s items up on our website and have a GRAND OPENING!!! "IT'S ALL ABOUT KATE!" So please check it out!

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