Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the first of many blogs to come! 
As a wife, mother, and Granny, I have seen alot of things come and go... But never invisioned websites, blogs, twitters or facebook... Not to be held back or left out... I have... and do... most of those now. 
I began a quilt shop back in 1995, sold it in 2002, moved and then searched out another way to do my passion, which is:  quilting or having it around, sales and customers, and spending time with my family and 11 grandchildren.   With the help of 2 creative daughters, I was able to begin and create my first and current website!  I truly found my niche and am able to pretty much do all my passions and beyond.  I have been blessed by awesome daughter-in-laws and great son-in-laws that are great at sharing their families and their lives with us.  This past year, Home a la mode grew to doing not only website sales, but is now doing major shows, to sell and get the word out to who and what we do!

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  1. Love bag number one. Being a grandma of 8 and neither daughters like the bright colors, I don't have to worry about them "borrowing" it.


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