Saturday, May 3, 2014

Snug up with a "Flannel Tonight" Quilt

For those of you who knew Karen back in her quilt shop days will remember the "Flannel Tonight" quilts that everyone HAD to make!  We finally got her to sit still long enough to write up a tutorial so we can share this great quilt pattern with all our friends.

"Flannel Tonight" Quilt

  • Sewing Machine with Walking Foot
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Cutting Mat
  • Square ruler 12-1/2" (or a 8" & 9" square ruler)
  • Cotton Batting
  • All Purpose thread to match or coordinate
  • Quilting pins
  1. After figuring out size and how much fabric is needed, I suggest you draw a grid and color code where you want to put your fabrics. That way you know how many squares of each to cut.
  2. Then cut your fabric into 9”x9” squares.
  3. Cut your batting into 8”x8” squares
  4. Layer a piece of batting inside (like a sandwich) between 2 pieces of same color fabric.  Right sides out on fabrics.  Keep the batting ½” from all 4 sides and pin into place.
  5. Repeat for all square sets and make piles.  If using 3 colors, keep 3 piles separated.
  6. Sew ½” in all around the outside.  Keep raw edges of fabric together, and keep batting in middle, trying NOT to sew on batting.  Sew around square starting at left hand top corner.
  7. Sew around like the blue line shows here… then continue without lifting your sewing foot and go into sewing the elementary star.  Better than an X… it is continual and leaves a nice quilted look.  Sew straight off edge and make a new pile.  Keep on repeating this until all squares are sewn. 
  8. Now that all squares are done, it is time to layout your design.  Once you have your design laid out, start sewing your first row together.
  9. Sew each row together with a DOUBLE stitch (I sew down, and then turn and sew back up.  You want this to stay without ripping with kids tugging, etc.  I DEFINITELY recommend you to double stitch EVERY row.  Up and down and then when you sew the rows together you won’t have to worry about anything coming loose or cutting a thread when you trim.) 
  10. Continue to sew blocks and then rows together.  You will now have a lot of weight to your quilt, but you are almost done. Now you need to bind your quilt with your favorite technique.  Stay tuned for a video tutorial on our favorite way.
  11. Now it's time to get a good sharp pair of scissors and give your quilt the CHENILLE look!!!  Just snip in about ¼” almost to seam where you just sewed 2X… This is why it is so important to sew twice.    Please be very careful NOT to snip the seams.  Snip every ¼” starting at top row and moving up or down.. Try to stay consistent where you are going, so you don’t miss any seam.
  12. You are ready to wash your quilt!  Find a FRONT loader to wash your quilt into.  Now throw your quilt into a dryer and watch the magic happen.  Your quilt will fray and chenille on all the edged you trimmed as above.  Wash after wash your quilt will keep the great look!    Take care and call if you have any questions!!! 

    Happy Sewing!  Stay warm with a quilt made with love and strength!

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