Sunday, January 12, 2014

Welcome to the New Year!

So yes, I've been behind posting during the holidays.  Sorry :(  Here's a glimpse of what went on during our absence.

As many of you know, Home a la mode is family-run business.  We aren't all family by blood, but we are family none the less :)  So, much of our time during the holidays is spent with our families, immediate and beyond...

My hubby and I started a tradition with our girls last year where we take them out to a nice dinner on Christmas Eve Eve.  Their restaurant of choice is a Hibachi place near our house - we had a great time and a delicious dinner.

Unfortunately, both Karen and Brenda spent a big portion of the Christmas season sick :(  And if you've ever seen either of them at a show, you know it takes a lot to keep them from being up and running around.

However, once Karen got to feeling a little better, we had our family Christmas celebration... complete with all 13 grandkids.  Now that they can read, it is much easier for them to play "Santa" and give us adults a break.

Another high point of the holiday season is Karen's birthday.  Her wonderful husband took her to see her favorite show, the Trans Siberian Orchestra.  After the show, my family, my brother-in-law, and some of the grandkids met her for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

We hope you all enjoyed your time with family and friends during the past holiday season.  Karen, Brenda, and myself are looking forward to seeing you all in the future at our shows and online.  Stay tuned for some fun tutorials, giveaways, and of course, our adventures from the road.

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