Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Note from Our Fearless Leader

2011 has brought many blessings and many changes this year. 
When we ended last year… We vowed that this year, 2011, was going to be our “Year to take Flight” and take a “Leap of Faith”.   To expand and get out our “new catalogs” that we created special for all our customers.   A year to build Home a la mode  bigger and better than ever.
Our ladies of Home a la mode are a cut above the rest.  We work long and hard hours  helping our customers to enjoy the wonderful products we have to offer.  Giving you our utmost attention to detail.  Beginning in January, my mother, Jean, accepted their invitation to come live with them and be a Texas resident. We traveled to Nebraska to pick her up and all her things.  So, we started off the year doing her a wonderful remodel to make her, her OWN place within OUR walls. She has her own entrance and takes over the whole South end of the downstairs. We call it “Mom’s Wing”. The first day she spent in her new place in Texas was Feb. 14th, 2011. What a great Valentines gift! Winifred “Jean” will be traveling with us to all the Home a la mode shows. She knits up all kinds of wonderful items. You will find “Grandma B” products online and at our shows.

Things were settling in well and we were so glad everything was going so well. Exactly 2 weeks later, Feb. 28th my husband’s dad passed away. Very sudden! He and his wife had just returned from a family cruise and a 3 week stay in San Antonio area with their family.  Just moments (actually 15 minutes after their long drive home, he died of a heart attack. Wow… God had guided him and his wife home just in time, to their doorstep, before He took him home. Not a moment too soon! We are so grateful that they made the trip home safely and in great love and spirits. The trip was awesome with singing and fun, his wife said.

Then, after going back to Nebraska a 2nd time in less than a month, Jim and I were both sick with colds and sore throats - with  trip to Urgent Care and the ER we are doing better.  Guess we were just running on fumes.

It was then time to concentrate on Home a la mode, so we did our first show of the year in March at the Peddler Show in Irving, TX, followed by April 1 & 2 in Waxahachie, TX at Heart of Texas Show. We are trying to get a permanent spot in Canton to really express ourselves each month on the 1st Monday Weekend. Plus we will continue to do Tulsa and OK City, OK at the An Affair of the Heart Shows. And as always, we will see everyone at Houston International Quilt Festival in November 2011. Check out our website for shows and 2011 Events. Get the word out!

We have a catalog and are happy to share with everyone. Just request one!

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