Monday, November 28, 2011

A Note about shipping

We truly understand any comments and appreciate any emails on our business where shipping charges are concerned. 

We have tried to see where we can cut back on the shipping, but… USPS rates are not inexpensive.  We are only passing whatever USPS charges are, to get your package to you.

We keep our prices low, and do not add in the shipping rates into our products.  We don’t add enough onto our products to be able to absorb the shipping cost.  BUT, if we get an order and the shipping is less than what you are paying, we make it up to our customers.  Very rarely is it off more than $1-$2.  Usually it is within $1.00 or less.  We try to ship USPS Priority to have a tracking number of the package in case there is a problem.  So usually if you choose “Parcel Post”, we will still authorize it to go Priority, so we can track your package.  You still pay “parcel” rate. (Those rates are so close in amounts anyways.) 
For example:  Recently, a customer paid $20.00 for shipping of a collapsible laundry basket.  We paid $21.90 to ship her package USPS priority.  It all goes by weight and size of package. 
Our shipping is based on weight of product.  If it is a light package, we do have a minimum rate of $7.90 that covers everything.  So, if you feel your shipping rate is high… call us (903-786-7099) and we will see what it actually runs us and we will adjust your shipping charges.   I think you will find our charges are close to what we pay the United States Post Office.  We do not try to make any extra’s on our products in the shipping charges. 

We hope this explains our shipping charges.  We work very hard at making sure your packages arrive to you in a most “surprising presentation” for you.  Like a gift to yourself! :)

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