Monday, July 26, 2010

Busy playing checkers!

Busy playing checkers?
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Summer fun with the kids or the grandkids!  Bring back the old fun checkers game and a cool glass of lemonade!  :)

Hey guys!  We are in the July - August Issue of Country Living Magazine, page 98.  Check us out!  This is great!  We are so excited!!!  Been real busy too! 

We just did a show called, "An Affair of the Heart" in Tulsa, OK.  It was pretty good!   We introduced Angela Yosten's 1st of many new patterns... and almost sold out of our Sock Monkeys... More on the way!  With new ones to boot! 

And.... we are getting ready to do the Houston International Quilt Festival Nov. 2-7... (at least those are the dates for us... loading, unloading, selling and coming home and then unpacking again)  Fun stuff!

We are going to do another (surprise) giveaway probably in a couple of weeks... Stay turned! 

Know of any great blogs for us to visit???  Let us know yours!  Have a great week!  Karen and Co.  :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The end of the day!

July 5th...  Never thought I would be so happy to wake up to a quiet house.  Don't get me wrong... The 4th of July was full of fun and adventures and great friends and family.... but a little more than I expected.  We started off with a toilet getting plugged upstairs and the handle got stuck open and it ran over, flooded the upstairs bathroom.  It went down into the hallway, down the walls, and into our bedroom ceiling.... the fan was on... and it was like a shower running in this huge bedroom.  My husband opened the bedroom door and the fan was sending water wall to wall.  It went into our stained glass fan/light and blew all the bulbs, soaked everything... (No pictures... too scary!)  We had probably 50 people at our house at this time and it was (before BBQ began) Everyone grabbed all the towels in the house and guys I didn't even know were swabbing the walls, floors and more... Everything was wet...  So... this is how our 4th began....  OK... we were OK.... 
More people started to arrive and by now it was just dripping, instead of running... so on went the BBQ....  I think we had 80 - 100 people here.  A bit more than I expected... but the flood was the worst, so we were OK. 

Several boated down the hill (Lake Texoma, 1/4 mile down the hill) 2 boats... We played in the hot tub, played horseshoes, other outside games, and ate and ate and ate.... Darkness fell and it was time to load up the bunch with 2 car trailers, quarter-cart, 2 pickups and go to the end of the runway for the Lake Texoma Fireworks displays... It was great!  Then back down the runway for everyone to shoot off their hundreds of fireworks, so we had our own backyard display... It was getting close to midnight and most went home... We had several spend the night and back out on the lake with the 2 boats on Monday... The lake was great... The people were down to 2 families (our sons and their kids) and one other family of friends.  It was great... Got sun and water pretty calm... HAPPY SAFE 4TH!!!!  That is what we had...  Started with a bang and ended with a calming... 
Thanks to everyone who helped us clean up!  Next year????  Not so many people... But... next year is a year away.. Who knows????   Hmmmmmmmmm.....  The wonder of God....  What a beautiful ending!
Take care! 
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